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Birthdate:Jul 22
About MeI ♥ Fandom!
Hi, I am 29 years old and I am from Vienna, Austria.

I am totally obsessed with TV shows. If I wouldn't have to work or to sleep I would stay in front of my TV 24/7. Although Veronica Mars had been the reason I ended up here my biggest obsession at the moment is Supernatural. Jensen Ackles is in it. That alone is reason enough to watch this show. I still love the first and the second season of Veronica Mars but that's it. I love Jason Dohring and Michael Muhney from the bottom of my heart and I will watch whatever they're doing.

I have this weird obsession for the letter "J". It's not so much that I love all the people that have this letter in their names. It's just that 90% of the celebrities or fictional characters I love happen to begin with this letter:
Jensen Ackles, John Cusack, Jeremy Piven, Jason Dohring, Justin Hartley, Joshua Jackson, Jason Behr, Jared Leto, James Marsters ... and the list goes on and on. *lol*

Since I've mentioned him already twice you can guess who's my biggest obsession. Yup, Jensen Ackles. I fell in love with him in May 2002 when he played "Ben" on Dark Angel. Since then he's my number one and that won't change ever!

One more thing you should know before you friend me. There are two actresses I really really loathe. And with loathe I mean I'm bashing them whenever I'll get the chance: Kristen Bell and Danneel Harris. If you are a fan of either them you probably won't be happy with me.

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24, Ally McBeal, Angel, Army Wives, Blood Ties, Bones, Brothers & Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI, Cupid, Dark Angel, Dawson's Creek, Desperate Housewives, Dirt, Entourage, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Jericho, Leverage, Life, Moonlight, My So-Called Life, One Tree Hill, Prison Break, Profiler, Queer as Folk, Reunion, Roswell, Six Degrees, Skins, Smallville, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Supernatural, The O.C., The Pretender, The West Wing, Torchwood, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars

Pairings I ship
Mick/Josef (Moonlight), Tony/Maxxie (Skins), Jack/Ianto (Torchwood), Brian/Justin (Queer as Folk)
Dean/Jo, Dean/Ruby, Sam/Ruby (SPN), Max/Alec (Dark Angel), Michael/Sara (Prison Break), Vicky/Henry (Blood Ties)
J², Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Colin Farrell/Jared Leto
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'67 chevy impala, 24, 30 seconds to mars, alex o'loughlin, ally mcbeal, alona tal, angel, anne of green gables, army wives, ats, barney/robin, blair/chuck, blood ties, bones, boston legal, brad rowe, bradley whitford, brian/justin, britannia high, brothers & sisters, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, charisma carpenter, charlie hunnam, charlie/constance, chris daughtry, christina cox, clark/ollie, colin/jared, csi, cupid, dancing, dark angel, darren hayes, david boreanaz, dawson's creek, dean winchester, dean/henry, dean/jo, desperate housewives, dirt, dirty sexy money, dishwalla, disturbed, draco malfoy, drowning pool, eclipse, edward/bella, eliza dushku, entourage, eric kripke, everwood, fan fiction, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, gale harold, gilmore girls, gossip girl, graphics, green arrow, grey's anatomy, harry/draco, header, henry fitzroy, heroes, himym, holt/lucy, icons, j2, jack/ianto, jared leto, jared/jensen, jason dohring, jensen ackles, jeremy piven, jeremy/lisa, jericho, john cusack, josef konstantin, justin hartley, , kyle gallner, kyle schmid, las vegas, leverage, life, lipstick jungle, logan echolls, lost, love, max/alec, metallicar, michael muhney, michael/sara, mick st. john, mick/josef, milo ventimiglia, mitch hewer, moonlight, movies, my so-called life, neil patrick harris, new moon, oliver queen, one tree hill, padackles, photoshop, prison break, profiler, queer as folk, reunion, rory/jess, roswell, sam/ruby, savage garden, shelter, sheriff lamb, shinedown, six degrees, skins, slash, smallville, sons of anarchy, spike, steve carlson, still life, studio 60, supernatural, ten inch hero, the o.c., the pretender, the west wing, tom felton, tony/maxxie, torchwood, tv shows, twilight, ugly betty, usa, vampires, veronica mars, vicki/henry, vidding, wallpaper, wentworth miller, will estes
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